Friday, 30 January 2015

A Trip To New Orleans - Part Trois

Hi Darlings,

Here is this week's final installment of the NOLA merriment (more to come next week!) Below you'll find the final dress I borrowed from Italy Direct a perfect 1940's plaid number. So darling! Accompanying that is #threewaystowear and also another adventure I found myself on in that crazy town.....

Three Ways To Wear:

#1 Wear a 1940's era jacket over the top with a nipped in waist like this little number

#2 Unclip the halter neck strap and wear the dress over a starched white shirt 

#3 Belt it with the largest, shiniest black belt you can find and show off that waist

After our shoot, Megan - the shopgirl and photographer, invited me to her apartment to meet her people and to see the amazing puppets they design together. Later that evening and unsure of what to find, I knocked on this small unmarked door down a dark side street and was met by the most amazing sights!

Here's the Most Monster team and their fabulous puppets (and yes this is their apartment!)

Dress available at Italy Direct and Stop Staring

Thanks to the Most Monster Team! 


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Trip To New Orleans - Part Deux

Hi Darlings,

Here's part two of my NOLA shoot.

Enjoy this little movie star silver dress and be careful out there in the "snowstorm" (oh wait, there wasn't one - does this mean I actually have to leave the house?..dammit)

RD xoxo

All dresses available at Italy Direct and Stop Staring

Photos by Megan S Thobe Editing by Denton Taylor

Monday, 26 January 2015

A Trip To New Orleans

Hello Darlings,

This week I have some great adventures to share with you from my recent trip to New Orleans. First of all, what a fun city! Oh how the drinks and "po boys" did flow! (I'm still recovering...)

My first stop was at a small business in the heart of the french quarter. At this tiny shop they are selling these darling 1940's style dresses. They are not vintage, but cut to vintage patterns and beautifully made. The owner, Lewis, has three stores and I am all for supporting a small and growing business. Visit their website here: Italy Direct

These photos were taken by the fabulous Megan S Thobe, a shopgirl at the store who also runs an amazing Puppet Company called Most Monster Productions (more about her and the company later in the week). First enjoy these gorgeous dresses that are made by a company in LA called Stop Staring.

Photos: Megan S Thobe

P.S The bag is called "To Die For" as it's made in the shape of a coffin!!!

Friday, 23 January 2015

The "Stop N Chat" Green Coat

Hi Darlings,

I have recently returned from a super fun trip to the crazy town of New Orleans where I visited and shot with a couple of amazing shops down there. (Check out the blog next week to see more of my fashion adventures - try to ignore the hungover look in my eyes). Now, I know that Southerners have the reputation for being much friendlier than the Yanks, but seriously I couldn't walk one block without someone stopping me to gush over this coat. Which, incidentally, cost £20 in the H&M sale (thanks Sal!) 

See it here and don't forget to check out my tips for #threewaystowear at the bottom of the post. 

Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

Ruthie Darling XOXO

Look at these super cool vintage boots I picked up for $25 in San Francisco - they have a victorian feel, but with an 80's flash design at the top. Cute! 

Coat and skirt: H&M, Top: Necessary Clothing, Boots: Vintage

Photos by: Denton Taylor

Three ways to wear:

#1 Throw it over literally anything, but be warned: it will take you extra time to get where you are going as everyone has to do the "stop n chat" - you Larry David fans will know what I'm referring to.

#2 Use the belt provided and make it into an easy to wear coat-dress

#3 Go against its fifties cute shape by wearing it over leather trousers, high boots and a white shirt.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Hi Darlings,

Here is a sweet handmade vintage jumpsuit that I picked up at Beyond Retro in London. I cost £22! We shot this on the High Line. It was quite breezy...let's say....brrrr

Jumpsuit: Beyond Retro, Dalston Branch, Shoes: Primark

Photos by: Denton Taylor

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Static Vintage - San Francisco

Hi Vintage Darlings,

This week we were in the beautiful city of San Francisco checking out the vintage scene out there. It was rather a whistle-stop tour so I mainly found myself roaming up and down Haight Street, with an aerated coffee in my hand (it's a thing out there).  The vintage shops there are fantastic, most featuring well curated collections and reasonable prices. 

This post will focus on my favorite store of the street "Static Vintage" at 1764 Haight Street. A vintage co-op managed by the fabulous Kelsey who allowed me to pick out some looks to try on and photograph. 

I know vintage to some seems a little daunting, so below each outfit I am starting a new feature called #threewaystowear. This was a concept dreamed up by my Mum, Sally, when she used to send me care packages to university. She would send an item of clothing and, in the enclosed letter, give me a handy 'three ways to wear' checklist so that this poor student would always look fabulous even recycling the same outfit over and over again. Thanks Mum! 

So, I am lauching the hashtag #threewaystowear - if you are so inclined send me your own styled up vintage with your three wears to wear and we'll feature you on the blog!

Ruthie Darling xoxo

Look 1:

So that was a fabulous floral 1950's number with a gorgeous back.

Three ways to wear:

#1 Wear with an up-do so that the back makes the maximum impact

#2 Add a sweet little pink or green jumper/sweater over the top

#3 Wear with converse sneakers for a more day time look

Look 2:

Another gorgeous early 50's number

Three ways to wear:

#1 Go all out glam. High heels and red lips all the way

#2 Wear with a full petticoat to really accentuate the shape 

#3 Add a cropped leather jacket and biker boots to toughen the look

Look 3:

A darling 1960's shift dress with lace overlay

Three ways to wear:

#1 Add a messy beehive to give a nod to the era whilst still keeping it modern

#2 Wear with pink ballet flats to compliment the bow and get places faster ;)

#3 Add some little white gloves and pretend you are in Madmen

Look 4:

A delightfully aged and delicate kimono

#1 Throw it over jeans and a t-shirt

#2 Belt it and wear it as a dress with black tights

#3 Layer on the ethnic jewellery and wear it to the beach

As a bonus here is Kelsey, the manager, wearing a cute 1970's dress with penguins on the back. I am always a little reluctant to wear 1970's garments as the fabrics are so often polyester, however this dress was beautifully soft. I also love the way she wears it with a 1940's fur to mix it up.

Next time you find yourself in San Francicso check out this wonderful store. All the dresses featured are available for purchase at time of publishing and are in a size 4 (ish) American - size 8 British.

A huge thanks to Static Vintage for being featured on this post.

Photo credit: Isabel Lyndon - Thanks Isabel you're a doll!!

Friday, 16 January 2015


Sunglasses: Vintage Brooch: Vintage Jumper: Miss Selfridge Skirt: Collectif Bag: Primark Boots: Necessary Clothing

Photos: Denton Taylor

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Plether Leggings: Vintage, Coat and Jumper: H&M, Boots: Necessary Clothing
Incidentally, the crimper used on my hair was also vintage bought off Ebay.

Photos: Denton Taylor