Friday, 23 January 2015

The "Stop N Chat" Green Coat

Hi Darlings,

I have recently returned from a super fun trip to the crazy town of New Orleans where I visited and shot with a couple of amazing shops down there. (Check out the blog next week to see more of my fashion adventures - try to ignore the hungover look in my eyes). Now, I know that Southerners have the reputation for being much friendlier than the Yanks, but seriously I couldn't walk one block without someone stopping me to gush over this coat. Which, incidentally, cost £20 in the H&M sale (thanks Sal!) 

See it here and don't forget to check out my tips for #threewaystowear at the bottom of the post. 

Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

Ruthie Darling XOXO

Look at these super cool vintage boots I picked up for $25 in San Francisco - they have a victorian feel, but with an 80's flash design at the top. Cute! 

Coat and skirt: H&M, Top: Necessary Clothing, Boots: Vintage

Photos by: Denton Taylor

Three ways to wear:

#1 Throw it over literally anything, but be warned: it will take you extra time to get where you are going as everyone has to do the "stop n chat" - you Larry David fans will know what I'm referring to.

#2 Use the belt provided and make it into an easy to wear coat-dress

#3 Go against its fifties cute shape by wearing it over leather trousers, high boots and a white shirt.


  1. May I say, I've been browsing through your blog for a while now and I'm absolutely captivated by it! *_* I first saw you on chictopia, you have such a creative and original personal style. And damn it, where has this coat been hiding, cause I didn't see it at all in our Bulgarian H&M :D
    Love your bloggy, I'm your new stalker! O_O

  2. Aww Keit! Thanks so much darling, I'm really glad you are enjoying the blog. Yeah that coat only popped up in a few stores - I couldn't find it here in NYC luckily I have a fashion spy (my Mum lol) in England who found it for me. Keep coming back, lots of love Ruthie Darling xoxo